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Software as a Service - The cloud is now the default platform for your operational software. Whether you need an analysis of your requirements to confirm whether these are best covered by cloud applications or whether you require a be-spoke software application built to your exact requirements. With a background in software development including on the Internet, translating user requirements to software requirements is second nature.

Blockchain - Distributed Ledger Technology as this sector should be more accurately referred to is potentially a very disruptive use of technology. The technology is not new which makes it safe to apply, however the applications are. This exciting sector is bringing out the innovation and creativity of many mathematician, engineers and entrepreneurs. As some one who has been active in these three areas I am well placed to pick out the wheat from the chaff.

Business Systems - Years of defining, supplying, implementing and maintaining business systems means that I can provide you with advise as you consider these. I can carry out your Requirements Capture to help you match your operational requirements to the preferred system and/or Project Manage your implementation.  .

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